As we are a manufacturer of architectural millwork specializing in premium grade custom wood windows and doors, we don't have a catelog per se. Every unit we build is custom designed to meet the design specifications of the architect, the new or existing conditions of the building and any other aesthetic applications unique to the project. As such, we work primarly through the architect and/or conractor/builder.

  • Historical Preservaion and Reproduction
  • Specializing in the Georgian, Colonial and French Styles
  • Expert of Adler and Van Doren Shaw Architecture
  • Solid wood (no aluminum or vinal clad)
  • Hurricane and Impact-Resitance tested units avaiable
  • 100% Custom meaning that everything we design and manufacture is purpose built. 

Our Story

At the end of the 19th century, our family immigrated from Germany, settling along the Wisconsin/Illinois border and in 1885 became Krumpen & Sons, Builders of Fine Homes. It continued that way until the 1970's when Van Krumpen discovered a new need. Home restorations called for replacing the windows or doors and Krumpen & Sons would have to go with suppliers who had pre-manufactured units; nothing that matched the original. They came close, but not historically accurate. In 1979, Krumpen Woodworks, Inc. was set up to meet that need and we have been filling it ever since.


Van Krumpen has studied the works of all the master architects from Palladio to Adler. Every minute detail is examined and reproduced. From a bead on a stop to the radius on a moulding. Proportions are painstakingly kept when applying them to modern standards. Nothing is overlooked, nothing is compromised.

We are still a family run business and small in size to maintain quality and ensure that the same craftsman is hands on with every phase of the fabrication process. Van and his son-in-law and daughter, Archie & Sybil McDonald, are making sure that that will be the case for generations to come.